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Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation? – Everything About Marketing Automation

Today, marketing automation is a popular subject among sales and marketing executives, training professionals, even entrepreneurs, considering its scope for businesses. However, the process isn’t just limited to large companies. Now, it is becoming a household accessory on many platforms, including crowdfunding sites.

When you hear of a tool like JustEarlyBird, you merely consider it a convenience. However, it’s much more than that. In fact, it’s a part of the broader practice called marketing automation.

So, what exactly do we mean by automating marketing processes? How does it help? Can an Indiegogo automation tool help yield better results?

Let’s discuss all these topics in detail below.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to the use of software to automate marketing practices. Basically, marketers use tools to manage repetitive practices to interact with customers.

With automation, you can market your product, service, or campaign effectively. Plus, it allows you to personalize the message for every individual. Here are some marketing practices that are made easier through automation:

  • Landing page creation
  • Lead scoring
  • ROI measurement
  • Email marketing
  • Social media posting
  • Ad campaigns
  • Website personalization

Marketing automation lets you target the right audience, thereby saving precious time and effort. You can send your message across to the right audience, and maximize interactions.

Additionally, you can set auto-responding for emails, saving you the hassle and repetition of manually attending to each email.

Crowdfunding Automation - JustEarlyBird

As for pledges, let JustEarlyBird handle the reward management. As soon as someone pledges to your cause, the software will send them a reward. Plus, it urges potential backers to become leads by showing them lower stocks and creating an urgency for action.

When Should You Use Marketing Automation?

At the beginning of your crowdfunding campaign or business, you can handle the marketing tasks on your own. As the campaign gets bigger, you’ll have to focus on multiple things. These include:

  • Identifying the backers and engaging with them
  • Prioritizing backers based on their interaction
  • Filtering backers

For instance, on Indiegogo, you run a reward-based crowdfunding campaign. Thus, you have to give rewards for every pledge made to your cause. If a hundred people are pledging in a day, that means giving a hundred rewards manually.

As the number of backers increases, your manual toil does too. If you spend all your time managing rewards, who is going to run the campaign?

That’s why you need an Indiegogo automation tool like JustEarlyBird to make marketing easy. Even with manual attention, you can’t be as quick or efficient as software.

What Does It Do?

Marketing automation helps you understand customers’ needs. According to a survey, 80% of the customers buy from brands that personalize their experiences. It doesn’t stop there. 44% of the customers are more likely to buy again from the same brand.

That’s almost half the customers coming back to you for a second purchase, all thanks to automation.

Additionally, automation helps you have meaningful interactions with your audience. For this, you can send customized emails to customers, depending on the products they showed interest in.

Secondly, you can show your customers ads related to their particular interests. Instead of displaying similar ads for all your customership, showing personalized ads increases the chances of conversions.

Automation enables you to focus on the neglected aspects of your business. Besides, it empowers other departments too. Along with facilitating your marketing department, automation also helps the sales guys do their work more effectively.

Marketing Automation Categories

Marketing automation categories

Depending on your business, you can use the relevant aspects of automation.

●     Software

Marketers use software with tracking codes to study customer behavior. After collecting data, they analyze the results and use them to draw conclusions.

For example, businesses study customers’ past behaviors.

Suppose, customer A searches multiple times for ‘black shoes’ on an ecommerce site. An automated website will suggest shoes to this customer in the future too. Plus, it will send reminders to the customer in case there’s a sale.

●     Business Development

Before explaining this, let’s discuss a customer’s path on a website. Initially, the customer is on the top funnel. Here, they are just making themselves aware of the product or service.

The last step, where the customer buys a product, is called the bottom funnel.

Business development aims to move the customer from top to button. To do this, marketers divide customers’ interest.

Then, they show these customers relevant products through different channels. These include social media, email, and search engines.

●     Workflow Automation

The third category isn’t directly related to the customer. Instead, it focuses on the internal matters of the marketing department.

When running a crowdfunding campaign, you don’t have to focus on the third category. However, the other two types hold a lot of importance.

How to Use Marketing Automation?

To automate your marketing practices, you have to follow a few steps. These differ from one campaign to another, depending on the needs and target audience. Your marketing team writes a campaign for the company, molding these steps according to your needs.

●     Specify the Criteria

First off, you have to specify the criteria and determine the outcomes. For instance, your criteria could be to generate leads and get more backers for a crowdfunding campaign.

Then, feed these criteria to the Indiegogo automation tool, and it will do the rest. For this step, you can use customer relationship management (CRM) software to store customer data, track behaviors, and share these with your team in real-time.

●     Use Cookies

Marketers use cookies to track a visitor’s interest. In crowdfunding, you can use this to direct visitors to your social media ads.


●     Use Contact Information

Marketers also use the information from customer forms to qualify leads. Using customers’ personal details, they are segmented into different groups.

For crowdfunding, you can use this method on Indiegogo since it gives you a backer’s information as soon as they pledge. Thus, you can employ an Indiegogo automation tool to learn about the backers.

For instance, this information can help you choose rewards. Keep in mind that not all your backers will be from your home country. Therefore, you’ll need to ship them the rewards.

By using customers’ geographical locations, you can manage rewards and choose the best shipping methods accordingly.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Nowadays, automation helps a lot in making your marketing campaign a success. Along with saving time, it also increases profits. Here are some benefits to this practice:

  • It increases qualified leads.
  • Automation retains customers and improves relationships
  • It boosts revenue

However, one of the major benefits of automation is that it saves time. The time that you’re not spending on marketing can be used for other purposes.


You know how they say ‘time is money’? It might not seem so on a small scale. But when you’re running a huge enterprise, every ticking second matters. Automation allows you to use every moment productively – that too, without any extra effort.

According to 86% of marketers, automation makes them more productive. ¾ of them said that when software takes over repetitive tasks, they can focus on more rewarding aspects of the job.

Best Practices for Marketing Automation

If you’re planning to automate your marketing practices, you should go about it a certain way.

First off, be specific about what you want the outcome to be. Collect data from your current marketing practices. Then, set goals after analyzing it. Plus, you can get some ideas from other successful campaigns in your niche.

Moreover, decide how you want to segment the audience. You can section your audience based on:

  • Age
  • Demographic
  • Interests
  • Geographical region

After this, you should create a flowchart for your campaign. Find out the triggers and then determine responses to them. For example, if a visitor subscribes to your newsletter, send them a promo code.

Likewise, if a person makes a purchase, add them to a segment that gets regular updates. You can apply this to crowdfunding campaigns too. Any visitor that pledges to your idea instantly receives a reward.

Finally, monitor all your campaigns. If a specific message or tactic is not working, replace it with a different one. Most software have A/B testing that you can use to monitor marketing practices.

Plus, check which of your practices is getting the best results. Do more of them to make your marketing efforts successful in the future.

Tools for Marketing Automation

Let’s talk about a few tools that help automate your marketing methods.

● logo

This tool allows you to send customized messages to visitors. You can judge customers’ behavior and send emails to bring them down the sales funnel.

●     Just Early Bird


JustEarlyBird is a rewards automation tool for crowdfunding sites. It refreshes your campaign page every 60 seconds to send rewards to new backers.

Thus, you don’t have to manage stocks or send out rewards manually. Instead, the tool does it for you, saving time.

●     AdRoll


If you run ads on Facebook and Twitter, you can reengage the audience using AdRoll. It works across different platforms, giving your visitors a customized experience.

Final Words

As you can see, marketing automation is a real game-changer for businesses. Along with increasing profits, it improves customer relationships. But the most significant benefit of this tactic is that it saves time.

After learning about automation software, you can use the same processes to make crowdfunding successful.

An Indiegogo automation tool helps bring in backers and lets you interact with them. As a result, you can run better and more successful campaigns while spending less time and effort.


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