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Top Indiegogo Backer’s Rewards to Crush Your Crowdfunding Campaign

While crowdfunding is a fruitful way to generate funds for your revolutionary idea, it isn’t exactly like raising funds for a charity.

Now, imagine this: someone is giving $10 to support your new tech or eatery idea.

How do you thank them? What do you do to ensure that they back you up throughout the campaign? – You give them rewards!

Crowdfunding rewards are a great way to keep people with you for the current campaign and the next one. When they are being incentivized, they are more likely to stay and back you the second time.

Let’s discuss some of the best rewards that will drive your crowdfunding campaign to the finish line.

What Are Crowdfunding Rewards?

 Crowdfunding backer rewards motivate the backers to contribute to your campaign. In some cases, the rewards are only unlocked after the campaign gets fully funded, giving the backers an incentive to stay.

Alternatively, backers can get rewards based on the size of their donation.


For instance, a small donation may get someone a customized mug while the reward for a bigger donation could be a day with the director.

Indiegogo backer rewards as small as ‘thank you’ notes work. However, it’s the creative rewards that take the win.

So, one thing is clear: rewards are important! But, they can eat up a lot of your time if handled manually. To relieve yourself of the burden, you can use a reward-management tool like JustEarlyBird.

With that being said, let’s walk through some awesome baker reward ideas for your  Indiegogo campaign:



1- Give Them a Copy

If you are crowdfunding for a novel or self-help book, give your backers a copy as a reward!

  • Firstly, this will help increase your backers’ trust in your product because they know that they’ll get to use it soon.
  • Secondly, it can increase the popularity of your campaign.

For instance, if you share a rough draft with your backers, they may spread the word about your campaign and the awesome book you’re writing. This will bring in more backers.

If you’re someone who tends to fall behind on deadlines, this should give you a nudge to get things done on time.

2- Custom Clothing/Accessories

If you can’t think of anything else, you can give your backers merch for your company or brand. Being the most mainstream reward idea, custom clothing and accessories are still very effective in keeping the backers interested.


It also creates a sense of community – a special group of people having access to something that is not available to the rest of the world yet.

3- Shoutouts

You can follow your backers on social media and give them shoutouts for their loyalty to your crowdfunding campaign.

For some backers, shoutouts merely mean a token of appreciation, but they could be a potential opportunity to shine for others.

For instance, if one of your backers has a home-run bakery, your shoutout can bring them customers. Thus, they will be tempted to follow your campaign and support you in successive campaigns too.

Alternatively, you can give them literal shoutouts. For example, you can call out their names at your next concert, fans meetup, or public gathering. It’s also in your best financial interests as giving shoutouts costs absolutely nothing.

4- Give Credits

Giving credits where they are due can help earn interest and loyalty. If you’re making a movie or a documentary, you can add the backers’ names at the end credits.

Sailor Moon documentary used this tactic, and the campaign managed to reach its goal, with 186 backers giving $4.436.

5- Up For Brunch?

Take your backers out for lunch, brunch, or any meal you feel is most comfortable between two strangers.

But here’s the kicker: the meeting has to be at the restaurant you funded through the crowdfunding campaign.


If you’re too busy running the place to have lunch with three backers in a day, give them vouchers. You can give them a free dinner voucher or 70% off on their next order to thank them for bringing your idea to life.

6- Give Them Experiences

Not all rewards have to be money-related. You can give your backers the experience – of being on a movie set, a recording studio, or a writer’s den.

Invite your premium backers to the set of your documentary shooting or recording for the new album. Let them experience the making of art and bond with the artist, i.e., you.

7- Ring, Ring

If you cannot invite backers to the studio or set due to space or time constraints, you can call them instead. Let them know you’re grateful for their contribution and get input about your campaign.

Ask them for feedback and suggestions. While implementing those suggestions, give shoutouts to the relevant backer to make them feel validated.

Or, you could just ask them about their day and discuss their favorite Netflix binge-watches.

8- Naming Rights

If you haven’t thought of a perfect name for your product or service, let your backers do the honors.

Back in 2007, a chicken farm in Colombia started a crowdfunding campaign to build a chicken coop for their hens. As a reward, they let their backers name the cockerel.


Now the cockerel is now named after one of their engineers.

Giving naming rights to your backers will definitely do your campaign a favor!

9- Extras on Set

Veronica Mars movie came to life through a crowdfunding campaign. 91,585 backers funded $5,702,153 for the campaign with a goal of just $2,000,000.

Why was the campaign such a huge hit? The makers’ reward was to give backers a chance to be extras on set.

If you’re making a movie or a documentary, you can do the same. You wouldn’t have to pay money for hiring extras- It’s a win-win situation.

10- Answer Questions

Give your backers a chance to learn about you and your crowdfunding campaign by offering questions as rewards.

Your backers can ask anything from your plans about marketing the product to the silliest thing you did as a child. You see, this is an interactive activity without costing you anything. People will have fun with it!

11- Meme It Away!

If you have a creative flair, your crowdfunding rewards could be the best thing on the Internet, i.e., memes.

Offer to make memes about their pets to give them a laugh. Plus, it’s a great way to make your backers feel like they’re part of the crowdfunding family.

12- Name a Drink

If you don’t have a menu printed yet, name the drinks after your premium backers. Or, you can ask them if they’d like to play around with the name a little.

Drinks named after celebrities, such as Ginger Rogers and Charlie Chaplin, have stuck around. Who knows a drink named after your backer might become the most highly-requested drink a decade from now?

13- Scavenger Hunt

Indiegogo backer rewards don’t have to be so straightforward. Spice them up by sprinkling a bit of adrenaline. You can invite your backers for a treasure or scavenger hunt to find the ultimate reward.

It’s a fantastic way to bond with your backers while having a fun time.


14- Free Lessons

If you’re a pro at something, give your backers free Skype lessons. You can teach them anything from playing the guitar to writing their first screenplay.

15- Podcast Guests/Interviewers

One of the most budget-friendly rewards is giving your backers fame. Let them be on the podcast for 20 minutes as a guest or a co-interviewer.

If your backer has a business to promote or an interesting life story to tell, they’ll thank you immensely for this opportunity.

16- Give Away the Recipe

Recipes are a treasure for eateries, and they can be just as resourceful for your backers. Give away one of your recipes from the cafe or restaurant to make them feel special.


Final Words

When selecting crowdfunding rewards for the campaign, your primary goal should be to make them attractive. It should be something that your backer can relate to or find meaning in.

Let your creativity run loose and make your crowdfunding campaign a success with backer’s rewards.

If you’re struggling with choosing Indiegogo rewards, select one from our list to have your backers’ support throughout the journey.


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