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5 Tools to Boost Your Indiegogo & Kickstarter Campaign – With Pros & Cons

In 2018, only 1300 campaigns were successful on Indiegogo, highlighting how difficult it is to raise money on the platform without a proper plan.

Crowdfunding isn’t a child’s play, and it’s particularly harder when you’re doing it for the first time. While most crowdfunding sites, like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, have some in-built tools, they don’t offer everything you need to make your campaign a success.

That’s when you get some outside help!

With tons of crowdfunding tools available today, you can maximize the chances of success by automating backer rewards, amplifying your campaign, and much more.

Let’s discuss some tools that you can use to boost your Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaign:

Crowdfunding Tool
Price (Basic Plan)
Rewards automation
Kickstarter and Indiegogo
Email management
300+ apps
Reaching Influencers
Google G Suite and social media
Social media management
60+ apps
Campaign Videos
URL sharing


I- JustEarlyBird


If you’re a first-timer, JustEarlyBird is exactly what you need to streamline the crowdfunding process.

It seamlessly integrates with popular crowdfunding sites, allowing you to boost Kickstarter campaigns or reach your Indiegogo target.

Reward automation is the most significant feature of this tool, as it frees you of the hassle of manually updating rewards. The tool automates the rewards every 60 seconds, replenishing the stocks as they go.

Moreover, you can customize the automation process to implement the Scarcity and Social Proof strategy for maximizing sales. Plus, you can set order limits to make backers take action faster due to impulse buying.

Plans start at as low as $10 per day for instant activation, live stock updates, customer support, and advanced customization.

However, if you want to pay at the end of your campaign, the same plan will cost $15.


  • Automates rewards every minute
  • Self-replenishes stocks
  • Kickstarter and Indiegogo integration
  • Advanced customization options
  • Allows maximum order limit setting


  • Works only on Indiegogo & Kickstarter


2- Mailchimp


On the whole, Mailchimp is a multi-functional tool for ecommerce sites, but it can also help boost your Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaign easily.

Mailchimp helps you send the right emails to the right people by creating segments. You can see the number of people that opened your emails, to create a list of the backers that need extra attention.

Likewise, it shows you where the backers are coming from, e.g., a specific location or source, such as Instagram. With this information, you can customize your campaign to target the population that is bringing you most backers.

Additionally, Mailchimp’s customizable email automation allows you to keep the backers in the loop with your campaign’s progress.

Most importantly, their customer support has won four Gold Stevie Awards, so you’ll always have help if you’re stuck while using the tool.

The basic plan starts at $9.99 per month and has all email templates along with custom branding and A/B support.

If you want audience insights, opt for the Standard Plan starting at $14.99 per month.


  • Segmentation and list-creation
  • Award-winning customer support
  • GDR-compliant
  • Built-in security to protect your data
  • Integration for 300+ apps


  • Email lists have to be updated manually
  • No tutorials or demos for new users


3- Cision


To boost an Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaign, you’ll have to get in touch with relevant influencers, and Cision helps you do that. The tool is designed to collect metrics from social media to help users make data-driven strategies and decisions.

You can learn about your audience’s whereabouts and frequency of engagement to build a successful communication strategy.

If you’re a new user, you can get an account manager to help you navigate the tool and understand its functioning.

Plus, it lets you align personal relation metrics with business KPIs to keep track of inbound leads. You can find people with a huge following who are most likely to be interested in your campaign and pitch it to their audience.

Unlike other tools, there is no estimated pricing for curated plans. Instead, you have to fill a form with information about your company to get a quote from Cision.


  • Account manager for new users
  • Aligns PR with business KPIs
  • Connects businesses to relevant influencers
  • Access viewership and audience demographics


  • Poor value for money
  • Doesn’t work for every niche


4- Buffer


Telling your story on social media through Buffer can effectively boost Kickstarter campaign or get backers on Indiegogo. Buffer allows everything from publishing content to analyzing engagement.

Using the tool, you can schedule posts on social media accounts such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Plus, if you have a Google profile, Buffer lets you schedule messages there too.

With Buffer, you can keep track of the likes, shares, and retweets on your post. Likewise, you can analyze the reach and filter the posts according to your campaign’s criteria.

The Pro Plan is priced at $15 per month and allows the user to manage eight social media accounts and schedule 100 posts.


  • Simple enough for people with no technical background
  • Regular updates
  • Clean and beautiful interface
  • Integration for other social media tools


  • Lacks scheduling for Instagram posts
  • Plans with analytics are quite expensive


5- Wideo


Videos can help boost the Indiegogo campaign, as pitches with videos raise four times more than other campaigns. Wideo has all elements ranging from animation to color grading that you need to create a stellar campaign video.

You can add animation effects in the intro and outro of the video, use keyframes for extensive animation, and add scene transitions.

If you don’t want to create a video from scratch, there are plenty of templates to get started.

Similarly, you can use templates to create presentations for letting your backers know what to expect from the campaign.

With 100+ fonts, graphics, and brand colors, there’s ample room for customization.

Moreover, the soundtrack library lets you add audio to make your video more gripping. When you’re done, share the videos to YouTube and social media, or embed the link on any website in HD or MP4 format.

The free version lets you make 10-minute videos with access to ten templates and no downloads. With the Basic Plan, you get ten downloads and can make 1.5-minute videos using 20 templates for $19 per month.


  • Multiple sharing options
  • Extensive animation features
  • In-built soundtrack library
  • Over 100 video templates
  • Templates for slideshow presentations
  • Custom animations


  • Libraries aren’t updated
  • Doesn’t work offline like most competitors


How to Choose the Right Crowdfunding Tool?

When searching for the best crowdfunding tools to boost the Indiegogo campaign, you must factor a few things. Let’s discuss them in detail:

1- Purpose

Firstly, you have to determine what you need the tool for. Do you want to make a campaign video or automate rewards? While Wideo can help you make captivating videos, JustEarlyBird is the right tool for automation.

A single tool won’t manage your whole campaign, so you need multiple options. However, if you’re on a tight budget, have a priority list.

For instance, in this case, ask yourself what is more important: reward automation or video animation? Automating rewards can save you a lot of time and hassle that would otherwise go into manually managing rewards.

You can compromise on a paid video tool because there are plenty of ways to make and edit videos for free. You can even take some help from youtube tutorials.

2- Budget

The pricing for every tool works differently. While some have a set price for each plan, others charge based on the size of your campaign.

Almost always, the free versions have way too many limitations to drive a campaign forward. So, you’ll have to spend some money. Make sure you get value for the price you’re paying.

3- Custom Support

Whether you’ve crowdfunded a campaign before or doing it for the first time, you’ll need customer support when using a new tool.

While familiarizing yourself with new features and updates, you’ll often find yourself stuck. Thus, reliable customer support is requisite when striving to boost your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.


Final Words

Most Indiegogo and Kickstarter’s campaigns fail. You definitely need a plan and a strong strategy before launching your campaign! 

The tools in this review cater to different aspects of crowdfunding, allowing you to customize the pitch and ensure success.


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