Why Creators Love JustEarlybird

After working with hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns, we’ve been able to test out 2 things:

1. The effectiveness of the scarcity strategy (setting reward limits) on crowdfunding performance

2. How to most effectively set reward limits to increase campaign performance

Our findings showed that in reward-based crowdfunding, having a good reward strategy is an determining factor of a campaign’s success. We then used these findings to create the perfect automation app called JustEarlyBird, to allow crowdfunding creators to leverage the power of scarcity and automation for superior fundraising outcomes compared to their competitors.

Benefit #1

Organize your rewards and crowdfunding campaigns

Simplify and streamline rewards by managing the price, stock number, and top-up increment of your rewards from all your Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns in one platform. This is great for creators who are running multiple campaigns at once, or for those who are looking to effectively manage all their rewards in one platform. Save time and minimize fuss with our all-inclusive automation platform.


Benefit #2

Boost campaign performance early

Kickstart your campaign early and create limited early bird reward tiers right away to garner excitement and get backers from the get-go. Set your optimal point to replenish stock and create ongoing urgency to emphasize high demand for your product and gain strong momentum in your crowdfunding process.

Benefit #3

Add value to your rewards

Limited supply increases the desirability of that item. Whether you are offering a price discount, limited edition products or early access to the product, JustEarlyBird will help you create even more added value to these rewards throughout the entire campaign duration. By limiting the availability of rewards, you will be able to demonstrate higher project quality and satisfy backers’ desire of inclusivity.

Benefit #4

Get your backers to impulse buy

Stop procrastination and entice backers’ impulse purchases. Let consumers know that the product is running low to create a sense of urgency for them to get the product at a discounted price as quickly as possible before the offer runs out.

Benefit #5

Optimize with automation

Funding speed is negatively affected by depleted limited rewards. If your limited rewards are sold out, this will negatively impact the scaling of your campaign and cause you to lose potential backers. With our smart minute automation, we can make sure that you never run out of reward quantities again, while leveraging the power of scarcity and urgency at all times.

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