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Increase Your Crowdfunding Campaign Sales Effortlessly.

Get your prospects to act now. JustEarlyBird helps create urgency by limiting stock quantities on perks.

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The Must-Have Crowdfunding Tool of 2021

After working with 100+ crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo, we have found that crowdfunding campaigns with frequent stock updates have double the probability of successful funding.
Leverage the newest crowdfunding tool of the year and stay ahead of your competitors.

Easy to Use. Powerful to Scale.

Remove the burdensome process of manually updating your reward quantities. Our smooth and error-free experience will allow you to generate more orders and scale through the moon.

Seamless Indiegogo Integration

Partnered with one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms, our automated approach can be integrated seamlessly at any time of your crowdfunding launch.

24/7 Support Team

Our incredible 24/7 support team is here to assist you with any questions you may have. Our support team boasts a 99.3% satisfaction rate among customers.

Why Should I Use Automation?

The average crowdfunding campaign lasts 30-45 days (up to 1080 hours).

Throughout the duration of your crowdfunding campaign, you’ll need to consistently update your stock levels every day. That’s a lot of work! If you miss just one day of updates, you run the danger of letting your stock levels become too high (less conversions) or running out of stock completely (no conversions).

Shifting from a manual to automated system will allow you to optimize your sales worry-free!

Automate Every 60 Seconds

Have your campaign stock levels monitored and updated every minute as needed to replenish your stock.

By showcasing a low stock number to your target audience, you can take advantage of the psychological principles of Scarcity and Social Proof to maximize your sales.

Set Maximum Order Limits

Have the option to set arbitrary maximum order limits to your potential backers for each reward. By controlling the item’s availability and its perceived abundance, you can make each reward seem more valuable and get your audience to act quickly.

Advanced Customization

With each pledge, start by setting the lowest limit that your stock is allowed to fall to, and how much quantity to add once the lowest threshold is reached.

After you have customized your minimum stock level and top-up increment, you can let our automation do the work.

Simple and User-Friendly Design

Our clean, professional design is simple to use and easy to navigate in. Add JustEarlyBird to your campaign draft or when your campaign is running. You can control and revoke access at any time.

How to use


Connect JustEarlyBird to your Indiegogo account.


Have access to our secure platform to manage stock levels & set stock limits and replenishing options.


Sit back and let JustEarlyBird to do the work!

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